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A romantic and private retreat with waterfront and spectaculer oceanview, build your own cottagedream amidst 2 hectares of forest overlooking bay of Isle Madame near National Parc Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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Primus Development Ltd. - Realestate in Canada

Existing plots of land in Nova Scotia

Presently there are property developments in progress at Isle Madame at Janvrins Island south of Cape Breton in Richmond County. Those are situated at a protected bay and at Lake Victoria.
The development consists of selected plots between the sizes of 13.000 to 27.000 square metres. Your own waterfront gives you the opportunity for all kinds of water sport.
The area has its own fresh water well and is provided with a road, electric current and telephone services.
The infrastructure is good. Shopping facilities, authority offices, hospitals and schools are the best prerequisites for the realisation of your home at the seaside.

All this for prices which are incredible from a German point of view. Yet it is possible here to purchase quality homes at reasonable prices because good value must not be expensive.

Your dream house will come into being through crafts trade in association with local companies i.e. American Building Components Ltd. This may come in wooden frame construction or as a typical Canadian blockhouse.

Enjoy our    photo gallery and find your individual plot of land.
PRIMUS Ltd bids you a warm welcome.

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