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A romantic and private retreat with waterfront and spectaculer oceanview, build your own cottagedream amidst 2 hectares of forest overlooking bay of Isle Madame near National Parc Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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Primus Development Ltd. - Realestate in Canada

Primus in Canada

Primus Ltd. has been working in the field of property and dwelling development for many years.
Our service priorities are: Smooth and customer orientated purchasing, building activities at a maximum level of quality, coupled with the highest degree of demanding architecture.

One will find generously designed dwelling and holiday housing areas at the most beautiful places in Canada. They are located directly near water and may be purchased as close to water or waterfront plots.

Common access to beeches and a small centrally placed mutual hut with barbecue place is evident.
Included in the prices are electric power supply telephone/radio/TV connection and infrastructure to the boundary of the property. There is also the possibility for a caretaker to look after your property.

Of main importance to us is the existence of ample potential for recreation i.e. hiking, sailing, golf, hunting, ski Nordic and Alpine, as well as medical care, churches and other services like the supply of daily requirements.