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A romantic and private retreat with waterfront and spectaculer oceanview, build your own cottagedream amidst 2 hectares of forest overlooking bay of Isle Madame near National Parc Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada.
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Welcome to Nova Scotia

Almost boundless freedom, marvellous nature, unharmed land and a largely untouched environment. Friendly people with awareness for tradition, who hold esteem for each other, living in a safe and established society without any significant crime. People who are tolerant and absolutely open minded, also towards minorities. Canada is the quintessence of quality of lifestyle and safety. This was even recognised by the United Nations according to an opinion poll which put Canada into first place of all countries in the world (Germany 46th place!).

Nova Scotia, the holiday paradise of Atlantic Canada, offers you a warm welcome. This province has captivated a vast number of visitors. Mainly Europeans prefer this region, because travel time across the Atlantic from German airports to Halifax is only about 6 comfortable hours at a reasonable price. They consider this area as an ideal holiday home investment. But pensioners or aspiring emigrants find their paradise here as well.

Many things here are fitting your expectations in terms of living conditions at home, except one: Generous space and creativity in the art of building structure. Completely unusual for European imagination are prices of plots and housing as we are able to offer package deals.
The irresistible attraction of unspoiled nature, marvellous lakes and water sites, lonely beeches and bays, large forest areas with interesting flora and partly protected species of animals like the white headed sea eagle, threatened by extinction, quaint little villages and lively cities make this province to be the finest you have ever seen while travelling through Eastern Canada.
An old Indian proverb says appropriately: "He whose heart does not take pleasure in this and whose eyes do not see, has never had a heart."
But it is not only nature lending Nova Scotia its charm. The folks here have been settling for centuries. First the Mi'kmaq Indians, later the white settlers. With their versatile cultural heritages they have formed this province in a significant way. Everyone here found his happiness in his own way. The laughing faces of the inhabitants of long standing are the best evidence for this.

Friendliness and tolerance towards individual ways of life are the art of life mastered by everyone here.

Nova Scotia, like Genoa or Nice, is situated at 44 degrees latitude and has the best climate of all Canadian provinces. The average temperature is 18° centigrade and there are 142 hours of sunshine (more than Freiburg, Germany's most sun spoiled city). It is therefore regarded as the most equable weather region.
Over and above that Nova Scotia is known for highest quality of live at low prices and property acquisition without problems yet all aspects of security.

Itīs the peaceful beauty of the Bras dīOr Lake and the rugged coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Itīs breath-taking views of the Atlantic surf, rolling in from Europe.
Itīs diverse landscapes made up of thick forests and grassy fields. Itīs quiet inland meadows and flower-covered rolling hills shrouded in morning mist. Itīs all scenery.

Itīs clear skies, fresh clean air and a star filled sky at the close of day.
The possibilities are endless, and the fun is just beginning. So join us.
" Itīs Nova Scotia ... the place to be"!